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I represent brands that speak to me through their style, spirit and story. Born of a passion for all things gorgeous, my business allows me to immerse myself in innovative and exquisite clothes and products, and present them to the public through high-end retail placement and TV marketing.

My Values

The Essence of Me
Evey Amery Kurlander

My Story

Growing up surrounded by creativity and fashion, my love-affair with clothes began before I can remember. Driven and focussed from the outset, as a schoolgirl I put my heart and soul into my Saturday shop jobs, where I nurtured my hobby, and started to learn the business. Passion turned to profession when I fell in love with an unknown German collection. Feeling instinctively that these beautiful clothes would be embraced by British shoppers, I approached the designer and offered to represent the Collection, achieving her ultimate goal of prime position on the Harrods International Designer shop floor.

Career highlights include introducing an undiscovered personalised jewellery trend into the UK, straight onto the glossy pages of Vogue and Grazia - and directly onto the wrists of magazine editors. I have also worked with many popular celebrities, not only as a stylist but I have enticed them to wear products for celebrity endorsement. A memorable career high was pioneering the trendy UK leggings movement! I brought them into the country 10 years ago and our collective derrieres have never looked back. Combining business with design, I produced my own leggings, and placed them in House of Fraser. Other high end stores that I have placed brands into include Fenwick, Hoopers and Brown Thomas.

My long journey has been built on an unbreakable code of ethics, instinct for style and building a community of 1200 followers whose communication and commitment inspire me to continue bringing the best fashion and beauty products into the UK.

My Mission

I love bringing beautiful brands to those who love them. I specialise in building a platform for clothes, shoes and beauty products, affording them exposure and access to those who will wear, use and embrace their spirit. I have a large and dedicated following of British women, always looking out for the next current, chic and ground-breaking product, and I offer select products the exposure they deserve.

With one ear always to the ground, I am constantly on the look-out for the next hot new designer that fits my ethos and entrepreneurial instinct. Designers from across the globe have entrusted me to leave no stone unturned to get their product into the best shops and in front of millions on QVC.

Introduce me to your brand and I will help you build, grow and expose your product to your ideal audience.

Evey and friends

My Work

As a brand agent, my extensive industry experience and contacts allow me to approach high end retail outlets for product placement. Brands I represent include stunning jewellery brand Industrial Jewellery and the wonderful Mat Fashion, with successful placements in department stores and individual exclusive boutiques.

My London showroom is brimming with beautiful clothes, plentiful chocolate and a happy atmosphere.

Meet the Team

I’m the office puppy. Born in December 2016, I am still a baby – and I hope that Evey and Dean will be patient with me – I’m still learning how to behave properly. I’m a Cockapoo – full of personality, sweet, loving and playful. I am Evey and Dean’s little shadow. I make them smile and I’m definitely the boss around here!

About Me

Office puppy

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