When Hershey Met Evey

And they call it puppy love….since Hershey has come into my home, my life and my office, we are upside down – in the best possible way.

Let me tell you how this love affair began.

New Year 2017 was not a festive time in our house. There was no bubbly, no parties and no laughter. We lost our beloved Labrador Groucho, and couldn’t contemplate moving forward with a new dog to fill the void. And so it really feels like the hand of fate brought little Hershey to us.

My close friend came round for a natter one Sunday afternoon. It was sometime during our second cuppa that her phone pinged. Her screen suddenly came alight with a gorgeous video from her daughter who was choosing a new puppy with her boyfriend. She showed me the pictures and I melted. This beautiful Cockapoo was gazing out at me through the screen, enticing me with her soft brown eyes and sweet expression. It was Bonny, Hershey’s sister and I asked the breeder if she had any more puppies. A week later I was holding Hershey in my arms.

The first time I held him, he looked into my eyes, and it was love.

My nearest and dearest believed it was too soon to bring a new dog into our lives, but I knew that Hershey belonged in our world. The house felt so empty without Groucho and Hershey reignited my creativity, passion for work and inspired me with the energy required for running a home, a business and a family.

I was going to call him Sherlock but it was too big a name for such a tiny puppy. I knew exactly who to turn to. My wonderful Join ladies would be full of creative ideas for naming the new member of the team.

Our days at the office are as busy and buzzy as ever. Speaking to designers, unpacking and admiring the latest collections, planning QVC sessions, and now feeding, watering and entertaining our little mascot Hershey. His favourite toys are Ollie the Octopus and Colin the Caterpillar, and there’s trouble if they go astray. He likes to climb on the desk, pilfer our snacks and demand attention during the most important phone calls. But he also knows just when to wag his tail and makes us smile when we need a boost. It has been overwhelming but exciting and I know he came to us for a reason. I just need to work out his official role now. Rumour has it that Hershey will be making a catwalk appearance in the near future. My daughter suggested ‘Dog with a Blog’…interesting concept – watch this space!

Hershey has by no means replaced Groucho but he has certainly helped us heal. I will continue to share adorable pictures on the website and Facebook groups, and I always appreciate your comments – feel free to direct all compliments in Hershey’s direction!

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  • Carol Mumster Collins
    March 2, 2017 - 3:39 pm ·

    I’m so pleased that Hershey has uplifted yours and your families hearts and brought you some very well deserved happiness. Today is my Pollyanna’s 3rd birthday and I can remember the very same feelings of joy when this tiny ball of fur scurried into my arms. She, like your gorgeous Hershey will, has brought us so much fun and laughter. I can’t wait to continue to read yours and Hershey’s blog and also looking forward to lots of photos xxx

  • Sara Jane Cormack
    March 2, 2017 - 5:56 pm ·

    I empathise completely, if anyone had ever told me I could love a dog so much I wouldn’t have believed them, but Lola Cockapoo has stolen my heart. You wait the are the most intelligent loving breed. She is my little chum and has provided unmitigated joy since her arrival. I know your life with little Hershey will be the same. Enjoy!! Saira Jane x

  • Trudi Wheeler
    March 4, 2017 - 9:16 pm ·

    He’s beautiful and as you say they come into our lives for a reason, to continue our love and to help us heal, we never forget the ones we have lost but help us move forward, sending you love and hugs cx

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