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Now here’s a little fact,
not everybody likes to go shopping!!!!

With your own personal shopper, this experience is going to change how you feel about shopping. We are going to have fun and enjoy our day together. Time is a key factor, and you will need to set aside a whole day. Ahead of our day out, I will identify from you your style personality by asking you few questions either on the telephone or by email. This will give me some clues about you before we meet 🙂 I will also need to know what we are shopping for and tailor the day accordingly. I love a list and if there are specifics that you are looking to integrate into your wardrobe, I will ask you to provide this to me. Let’s look at it as a wishlist.

Are you wanting to try out a new trend or searching for  a specific look? Perhaps you have a special occasion coming up, or maybe will be shopping for a new wardrobe for yourself. Whatever is needed, you will not be alone and the benefit of a personal shopper is that I am there exclusively for you. Once you have decided on your budget, I will select a number of  locations to suit across London and we will have a pit stop for lunch.

Shopping with Evey

Shopping should be pleasurable, and I will be very honest with you about what I feel works or does not work in the changing room mirror. There will be no impulse buys on my watch, we will consider each new piece carefully to ensure that it will have earned a place in your wardrobe,  and will work well for you. It is important to consider how you will be wearing your clothes and I am on hand to talk about styling as well as footwear and accessories needed to complete the look. Capsule pieces are key, and we will explore pieces together that everybody should have in their wardrobes. They should be timeless, versatile and functional for multiple looks throughout the year which in turn will be saving you money in the long run. I will also tempt you out of your comfort zone! Yes, I will introduce more colour into your wardrobes and perhaps prints too 🙂

Who you are is translated into your unique fashion sense and we will uncover your style personality together, which is always a fun experience. At the end of the day, you will leave me feeling confident and eager to wear your latest acquisitions, and perhaps newly acquainted with your very own fashionista.

This is a full day’s experience £500.00 whole day (plus travel expenses).

Evey Amery Kurlander
Evey Amery Kurlander

Wardrobe cleanse

"I have nothing to wear"

Does this thought sound familiar, it is to so many of us. Every season I look at what is in my wardrobe and how often I am wearing it. My rule of thumb is if it isn’t worn at least once during the year, it needs to be released. Maybe your body shape has changed or your job is different, our style is so dependent on how we look and feel, in addition to our individual lifestyles.

First we will chat about you, the colours that you wear, how often you go shopping and at which times of the year. What you think about fashion, your shape, your confidence, your style gurus and labels that you love; all help me gauge an understanding of you and how to give you the best solutions and outcome for the experience.

We will go through every item together in your wardrobe, how often it is worn and what you feel about the piece. It will be easier to be objective when we are together, and honesty is key.

You can try on each piece, individually or as part of an outfit, and tell me what you see and feel. We will discuss if the styles relate to who you are now. I have kept many pieces from my wardrobes over the years, as fashion is ever revolving and styles that are classical and timeless can be kept, however wardrobe space is limited so to be a keeper we will identify together the reasons as to why it will stay or go.

Evey Amery Kurlander

Together we will go through your accessories, jewellery, footwear and handbags, all of which have a part to play in your look and must translate through your clothes.

Age has a part to play and what I wore thirty years ago is not necessarily what I wear today. We will look at your style icons and how you would like to dress for now. Importantly, the message that you want to convey to others. What we wear speaks volumes about who we are.

Underwear is key, well fitting bras make a huge difference to our shape and we will ensure that your foundation pieces are the best for your body shape

£250.00 half day or £500.00 whole day (plus travel expenses).

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